How Many Left?

Sunday 12 May 2019

12:30pm - 4:00pm

One of our favourite annual events celebrating the mass produced cars which are now considered 'endangered species' with less than 500 examples remaining.

Whether young or old, this event is great for you. Maybe you'll see some cars you remember from your youth or discover culture icons that your generation just missed seeing.

Most car shows celebrate vehicles which were always destined to be classics. Limited editions such as Ferrari's, are seldom scrapped, usually only following an accident or catastrophic engine failure. Instead, this unique event in Scotland commemorates the cars that now survive in numbers under 500 in the UK but that were often built in the millions.

The museum uses a ‘rarity index’ to calculate the degree to which the car was once a popular sight on the road network. When it reviews the relative rarity, comparing the number of examples currently licensed for use against the original production run, some of the results have been truly staggering. Every day vehicles, such as the Mini or Renault 21, can be considered rarer than some of its exotic contemporaries and the index highlights this interesting statistic.

The museum on site will be open too, so combine a visit to How Many Left with a fascinating look at the 'Guy Martin Collection' and our 'It's Electric' exhibition. 


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Admission: Adult £7 Concession £6 Child £1