The museum’s ‘activity afternoons’ are keenly anticipated by local families and on Monday 6th May we return to the coaching era with carriage rides on the road circuit.

The museum’s 1890 Horse Brake, one of the earliest form of horse drawn bus, will be hitched up to a pair of magnificent Clydesdale horses provided by George and Ruth Skinner of Strathhorn Farm, Pitcaple. Horse Brakes became widely used to carry passengers from railway stations as the railway network grew and displaced the stage and mail coaches of the coaching era. The brake evolved into the part covered station brake and eventually the horse drawn omnibus before motor buses arrived on the scene in 1900. To ride on a genuine 16 seat brake, now 129 years old, is a very rare experience!

Also giving rides will be a replica Landau carriage pulled by a single horse, ‘Socks’, who is well known locally as the ‘Lonach Horse’ who has official duties at the annual Lonach Gathering. The Landau is a luxury carriage designed to enable society ladies to show off their dresses at important social occasions during the Victorian era.

Belwade Farm’s horse welfare team will bring a road show to explain their role in protecting and caring for horses in modern times. They are located near Aboyne and are the areas experts on all things equestrian.

For the very young, Jenny’s Donkeys will be giving rides….always very popular and often the start of an interest in the equestrian world!

Rides and activities will run from 2pm to 4pm during the normal museum opening hours of 10am to 5pm. All are included in the normal admission charge.