Owning and running an old car is a great hobby for thousands of real enthusiasts who can’t afford the escalating costs of the more specialised ‘classics’ at which most of the popular car shows are aimed. This has left a gap, where can they show off their pride and joy and meet more like-minded people?

Scotland has just such an event at the Grampian Transport Museum in Alford, Aberdeenshire. Aptly called ‘How Many Left?’ it celebrates the vehicles which were “…once everywhere, now rare…” and is open to all previously mass-produced vehicles of which there are only 500 or less left on the roads. In an area of the country where there are many classic and specialist vehicles shows How Many Left? has been growing in popularity as an excellent day to enjoy the nostalgia of family motoring of bygone years with cars of the type that every family once owned. When did you last see a Vauxhall Viva, an Austin Allegro, Morris Marina or a Ford Cortina Mk 3? Well bring your car along on Sunday 10th May and you probably will. The event has been growing in popularity since it began in 2015 and the organisers are anticipating a record entry for 2020 as they are also holding a special display of all British Leyland marques including Austin, Morris, Rover, MG, Riley, Wolseley, Vanden Plas and Jaguar.

Museum events coordinator and assistant curator Neil Thomson enjoys How Many Left? “We have a lot of classic and specialist cars in the North East of Scotland, it is a great place for enthusiasts and there are plenty of excellent shows. The museum wanted to showcase the ‘ordinary’ cars that have played such an important part in the lives of our communities but are in danger of being forgotten. We wanted to create that feeling of “We used to have one of those” amongst our visitors and they have loved How Many Left?.

“We are inviting entries from owners of any type of car (or van or motorcycle) which was once a mass-produced everyday vehicle but which have largely disappeared from our roads and now  there are less than 500 or so left. Ordinary, everyday cars of any make and model, not the low volume specialist cars most classic car shows cater for. Full details and entry forms for How Many Left? are available at www.gtm.org.uk and we look forward to welcoming owners from all over the UK to this excellent event on May 10th, in the wonderful surroundings of Aberdeenshire”