When the Mini was first introduced on British roads in 1959 few would have envisaged that 60 years later it would be such a loved and successful little car with so many versions and different uses. All of this will be celebrated at the Grampian Transport Museum this coming Sunday, the 25th, with their ‘Mini at 60’ birthday event. 0ver 120 minis and variants of all shapes and sizes will be on show with a special recreation of the Mini’s most iconic film appearance in ‘The Italian Job’!

Minis taking part in the John Clark Mini sponsored day range from 1960 to the modern Mini of 2019. Variations include the Saloons, Traveller, Pick-up, Cooper and Cooper S, Riley Elf, Moke and even ‘Mini Nessie’ and ‘The Orange’ – recently featured in the national motoring magazine ‘Autocar’. Celebrations commence at 11am and include the Alford version of The Italian Job as well as 60’s fashion and vehicle parades. Visitors are invited to turn up in their own 60’s outfits to join the fun. Admission is Adult £7, Concession £6, Child £1, with all visitors welcome into the museum for half price on the day.