Throughout the 20th century the vast majority of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in use worldwide were British milk floats. They became a common sight in urban areas as their quiet, simple operation made them ideal for early morning stop/start deliveries.

 Many of these milk floats were made by the Leicester company, Morrison Electricar.  Morrison Electricars had their origins in the 1890s when Alfred Ernest Morrison began producing bicycles, motorcycles and stationary engines.

 The company became A E Morrison and Sons in 1929 and produced their first battery electric vehicle in 1933.  After a series of take overs, Morrison Electricars ceased to be made in 1983, when Hawker Siddeley (current owner) sold the business to M & M Electric Vehicles of Atherstone, Warwickshire, who subsequently adopted the Electricars name for their own vehicles.

 Parts for these milk floats, many of which are still in working order after 50 years of service, can still be supplied.