This season we're delighted to be displaying some of Guy Martin's personal collection.

Guy Martin's collection is the centerpiece of the GTM's 2017 season, and we've got some real delights on show!

Having begun his relationship with the GTM in 2016 with the loan of several TT racing motorbikes, this year he's lending us some even more special vehicles. 

The Tour Divide Cycle Race is the most grueling in the world, covering 2740 miles from Canada to the Mexican border. Last year, he competed and covered an average of 149 miles a day! His bike, untouched since he completed the race, forms part of our 'Guy Martin' and 'Cycling to the Bicentenary' exhibitions. 

Guy's first car as a young man was his Saab 96 from 1972, which he purchased for £300 before his career as a TT racer and TV personality began. Unused for 15 years and stored away from public gaze, we're the first museum to display it. It certainly needed cleaning when it arrived! 

While most believe that a van is a cumbersome and slow machine, Guy's 'Speed Transit' bucks the trend! It's appeared in many of his TV shows and Guy's raced it in attempts on speed records. It's lined up with his Saab, offering visitors fantastic photo opportunities!

Completing the line up is Guy's Triumph motorbike, which he used in 2015 during his last TT racing appearance. Not only does this superb racer complement Guy's collection, it also coincides with our 'Tribute to Triumph' display.